Banduzi canine and human bandanas allow you to match your pup in premium cotton and silk » Gadget Movement

Sourced from Uzbekistan, the Banduzi canine and human bandanas use the ikat dyeing method. A centuries-old approach of dying materials, it produces attractive patterns. With these ikat bandanas, you and your pup can each put on gorgeous cotton and silk materials. Select from 100% cotton, 50% cotton/50% silk, or pure silk. Nevertheless, the 100% silk material is really helpful for human put on. Whereas the canine Banduzis will probably be triangular, the human Banduzis will probably be sq.. Seamstresses in Uzbekistan will create the proper dimension and match for you and your canine alike. You may select materials that match along with your pup, or you’ll be able to select some canine and human bandanas that stand out in their very own approach. Each you and your pup can take pleasure in the great thing about ikat materials with the Banduzi assortment.

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