Child Brezza Sensible Soothing Mat child soothing pad helps your toddler go to sleep

Ease your toddler’s discomfort with the Child Brezza Sensible Soothing Mat child soothing pad. This soothing mat works by vibrating, which comforts your child and helps them relaxation. Simply moveable, it measures simply 9 inches lengthy by 4 inches in diameter when it’s all rolled up. While you lay it flat, this toddler soothing pad is 11 inches lengthy, 9 inches huge, and simply three quarters of an inch thick. It’s straightforward to make use of, too, providing 4 completely different vibration ranges relying in your child’s preferences. What’s extra, there are two heartbeat modes. Put collectively, the vibration and heartbeat options assist this mat sound and really feel just like the mom’s womb, comforting your child. Apply it to a mattress, in your toddler’s crib, within the automobile seat, or in a playpen. Anyplace you need your toddler to really feel comforted, this mat can go.

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