The right way to Deal with Razor Burn

Razor burn seems as a crimson, itchy rash. Typically, it could trigger a burning or stinging sensation. Whereas it’s usually brought on by the way in which you shave or the razor you utilize, some of us are merely extra susceptible to razor burn than others. The excellent news is that razor burn usually heals by itself after a number of days of taking it straightforward, and there are many choices with regards to soothing your ache when you wait!


[Edit]Wait it out

  1. More often than not, the most effective remedy is simply ready it out. Razor burn normally heals by itself in a number of days. Whereas there’s nothing flawed with taking steps to appease your pores and skin if it’s inflicting you ache, there aren’t any tremendous efficient methods to make it heal sooner. On prime of that, placing issues in your pores and skin when it’s already broken might decelerate the therapeutic course of. In case you’re in ache, be happy to deal with your signs, however don’t poke at your pores and skin or put issues on it should you don’t have to.[1]
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    • If in case you have razor burn someplace apart from your face, put on loose-fitting clothes to keep away from irritating your pores and skin for a number of days.
    • This will appear apparent, however don’t shave your razor-burned pores and skin whereas it’s therapeutic. Which means chances are you’ll have to let that five-o’clock-shadow develop out a bit.

[Edit]Hydrocortisone cream

  1. Rub a small dollop of hydrocortisone cream into your pores and skin. Any over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or ointment ought to assist scale back any signs you’re experiencing. Everytime you really feel any ache or irritation, squirt a coin-sized dollop of cream on to your pores and skin and work it in gently along with your fingertips.[2] Hydrocortisone is a steroid that can decrease any ache or itching you’re experiencing. It’ll additionally soothe any irritation in case your pores and skin has had an particularly dramatic response to the razor.[3]
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    • Don’t use topical remedies or moisturizers on open wounds. You need to use them in small quantities in your face, however keep away from placing them near your eyes, nostril, or mouth. Don’t put something in your genitals, both.


  1. Utilizing an alcohol-free moisturizer will assist in case your pores and skin dries out. Razor-burned pores and skin tends to harm when it will get dry. In case you discover that your pores and skin is very dry at any time when it hurts, seize any unscented pores and skin moisturizer and work a small dollop into your pores and skin. This may preserve your pores and skin smooth and cozy whereas it heals from the razor burn.[4]
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[Edit]Oatmeal tub

  1. An oatmeal tub is a good way to appease pores and skin whereas enjoyable! Oats naturally moisturize pores and skin, and an oatmeal tub is a good way to scale back any signs you’re experiencing on account of the razor burn. Oats include glucans, that are naturally soothing and enjoyable in your pores and skin. It is a nice method to get some self-care in whereas treating your irritated pores and skin![5]
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  1. Chemical exfoliation will take away useless pores and skin which may be irritating you. Seize the gentlest chemical exfoliant you have got.[6] Observe the directions on the product to use the cream, scrub, or masks to your affected pores and skin. Go away it on for the time period listed on the directions, after which wash it off. This may eliminate any useless pores and skin cells, which can be irritating your razor burn and making it itch or harm.[7]
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    • Chemical exfoliants will assist as long as they embrace one of many following elements: lactic acid, salicylic acid, retinol, and vitamin A.[8]
    • Shaving is definitely a type of bodily exfoliation because it entails rubbing one thing towards your pores and skin. On this sense, in case your pores and skin is irritated since you shaved, including extra bodily exfoliation might be not going to assist something. Chemical exfoliation ought to be high-quality, although.[9]

[Edit]Glycolic acid

  1. Any product with glycolic acid in it’ll assist your pores and skin. Glycolic acid is present in a wide range of lotions, lotions, toners, and moisturizers. Utilizing these merchandise earlier than or after shaving will dramatically decrease any razor-related points you run into. Glycolic acid is scientifically confirmed to forestall razor bumps, decrease irritation, and soothe your pores and skin, so it’s a protected guess that it’ll assist your razor burn.[10]
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[Edit]Witch hazel

  1. Use an astringent with witch hazel in it to chill out your pores and skin naturally. Witch hazel is a plant extract with soothing properties, and it’s a great possibility if you need an natural remedy answer in your irritated pores and skin. Swing by your native pharmacy and search for an astringent with no alcohol in it. Each time your pores and skin begins to hassle you, work a small dollop of the astringent into your pores and skin with a cotton ball.[11]
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    • Alcohol is an particularly dangerous possibility for razor burn as a result of it’ll dry your pores and skin out. The dryer your razor-burned pores and skin is, the extra it’ll itch and burn.

[Edit]Warmth and clear pores and skin

  1. Apply some warmth and wash the pores and skin to forestall razor burn. You’re much less prone to get razor burn should you shave when your pores and skin is clear and heat. Attempt shaving after you’ve taken a heat bathe or cleaned your pores and skin with a heat washcloth. This may make it quite a bit simpler for the razor blade to glide via your hair with out irritating your pores and skin.[12]
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    • Don’t skip shaving cream or gel, both. In case you don’t use them, you’re more likely to annoy your pores and skin.[13]

[Edit]Substitute razor

  1. In case you’re operating into razor burn repeatedly, get a brand new razor. Razor burn is often brought on by the razor tugging or damaging your hair whereas it cuts via it. When this occurs over and over, it’s normally an indication that your razor must be changed, since a boring razor might be a lot prone to wrestle to slice via your hair.[14]
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    • Substitute your razor blade after 5-7 shaves to make sure that you aren’t utilizing a boring razor.[15]

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