The right way to Fold an Origami Peacock

The peacock is a wonderful, feathery chicken that appears elegant and regal—and its origami counterpart is far the identical. Folding an origami peacock may take a little bit of apply, but it surely’s an awesome undertaking in case you’re simply beginning out or in case you’ve bought some apply below your belt. If you wish to add a fragile origami peacock to your assortment, seize your origami paper and get began!


[Edit]Begin with an oblong sheet of paper.

  1. Most origami paper is sq., however you will want a rectangle. You possibly can both minimize a sheet of sq. paper in half, or you should purchase rectangular origami paper. The size don’t matter an excessive amount of—simply notice that the smaller your sheet of paper is, the smaller your peacock will likely be in the long run.[1]
    Fold an Origami Peacock Step 1.jpg
    • Decide any coloration paper that you simply’d like! Blue is a well-liked selection for peacocks, however you could possibly go for purple, pink, inexperienced, yellow, or any coloration of the rainbow.

[Edit]Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

  1. The objective is simply to make a crease within the heart. Set your paper out on a flat floor, then fold it in half. Use your fingers to press down on the crease, then unfold the paper once more earlier than shifting on.[2]

[Edit]Fold the left and proper edges inwards twice.

  1. It is going to sort of appear like a paper airplane. Fold the left nook in towards the middle, then fold the fitting nook in to match. Press the creases down together with your fingers, then fold each corners in once more.[3]
    • You’ll find yourself with a triangle-shaped paper that has a pointy level on one finish.

[Edit]Fold the paper in half widthwise.

  1. Flip the paper over so the folded elements contact the desk. Then, deliver the flat finish of the triangle upward to fulfill the pointed finish. Press down on the crease to make the fold stick.[4]
    • It would assist to push down on the crease together with your fingernail.

[Edit]Fold the flat half of the paper backwards, then crease it.

  1. You’re creating the primary fan fold in your peacock’s tail. Seize the flat a part of the triangle and fold it again, however go away about of paper on prime of the pointed half. Press the crease down to actually cement it into the paper and begin the tail.[5]

[Edit]Fold the again half of the triangle in a fan form.

  1. Time for extra fan folds! Alternate between folding ahead and backward, making horizontal folds up the tail. If you attain the highest, press all of your folds down yet one more time to actually cement them into the paper earlier than letting go.[6]

[Edit]Crease the tip of the triangle downward.

  1. It’s time to create the peacock’s beak. Seize the very tip of the pointed half and fold it down simply barely, sufficient to make a small beak on the head of your animal. Press the crease right down to maintain it in place and make a bird-like mouth.[7]
    • It gained’t look fairly proper at this step, so don’t fear—you continue to have extra to do!

[Edit]Flip the paper over and fold the tip backwards.

  1. Mark the pinnacle and neck of the peacock with this fold. Flip your paper in order that the beak is dealing with you. Fold the pointed a part of the triangle down about midway so the pinnacle simply touches the bottom of the tail. Press the crease right down to differentiate between the physique and the neck.[8]
    • This fold may also assist your peacock arise by itself.

[Edit]Fold all the paper in half lengthwise.

  1. Actually make these feathers fan out. Decide up your piece of paper and press down within the heart of the tail together with your thumb. Fold all the peacock (physique, tail, and head) in half round your finger, then press the fold collectively.[9]
    • When the peacock springs again, you’ll be capable to see the animal extra clearly.

[Edit]Unfold the feathers out at the back of the peacock.

  1. Now you’re achieved! Spend a couple of minutes ensuring the tail within the again stands up straight and tall. Set your peacock down on the desk and watch it arise by itself to admire your creation.[10]
    Fold an Origami Peacock Step 10.jpg
    • In case your peacock isn’t standing up, attempt folding the paper in half once more to actually crease that final fold.


  • Each time you make a fold, press down actually exhausting to indent the crease within the paper.



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